Doctor Jezebel Cozbe

Televangelistic Pop Psychologist


Obsession: Jesus (linked to Charismata). Jezebel is Christian religious fanatic.
Fear: Drug Addiction (Self). Before she found God, Jezebel was an addict. She’s terrified of falling off the wagon.
Rage: Adepts. Burn those witches.
Noble: Cozbe Reformist Church. The CRC is her tax-exempt cult and drug rehab charity.

Body (Big Boned) 50
Keep It Together (a successful roll lets her ignore impairment penalties from drugs equal to the roll for a number of minutes equal to the sum of the dice) 25%
Large And Hard To Move 15%
Lay My Hand Upon You (struggle) 15%
Run In High Heels (general athletics) 15%

Speed (Shaky) 30
Dodge 15%
Licensed Helicopter Pilot 15%
Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition (her firearm skill) 28%
Initiative 15%

Mind (Perceptive) 80
Double Majored In Psychology and Religious Studies (religious ed) 25%
Christian Themed Psychotherapy (her ability remove harded or failed notches from people through a talking cure) 36%
Notice 15%
Solicit Monthly Charitable Donations (her ability to get money from donors; a successful roll determines the minimum repeating monthly contribution, matched successes mean the contribution is multiplied by ten) 35%

Soul (Infectious) 80
Christian Paradigm 15%
Cult Leader (measures how many diehard loyal cultists she can control at any one time; can’t exceed her Religious Indoctrination skill) 15%
I Can Quote Scripture To Suit My Purposes (lie) 15%
Magick: Charismata 55%
Religious Indoctrination (this is her ability to psyche up somebody, giving them a temporary hardened notch, or two notches on a matched success, in any one madness meter of her choice. The effect lasts until their next failed stress check; can’t be raised above her Christian Themed Psychotherapy skill) 36%
Reputation As Devout Christian (when you meet other Christians you should roll this skill to see if they’ve heard of you and your rep; additionally you can spend points off this skill as a positive shift to your I Can Quote Scripture To Suit My Purposes skill, or any other activity that would go against your reputation) 15%
Pray (she can roll this to break free of any mental or emotional influence/control) 15%
Talk To The Press (lets her avoid fax pas and generally not fall for gotcha journalism; attempts to make her look foolish on live television or radio must exceed this skill level) 15%
Televangelism (this skill represents her ability to influence the public over her 24/7 religious extremist talk radio station WCRC 95.7 FM; doubles as her charm but she takes a -10% shift to use it in public) 40%

Unnatural 1H, Helplessness 2F, and Self 1H

Equipment: Collection of flowery dress suits, psychedelic ties, purse, S&W .41 Magnum Model 57 revolver, lipstick, chap stick, checkbook, glasses, $400 cash, gold cross, several silver rings, and a white van with a CRC logo and a driver named James Chesterfield (has a drive skill of 50%), Mosquito single seat ultralight helicopter with a built in public address system. Bank checking account containing $2,000, and CRC charity account containing $26,000.

Doctor Cozbe starts the game with 3 minor charges.


The Gift of Speaking with Wisdom
EFFECT: The Charismatic determines the rightness or wrongness—or alternately, the “goodness” or “evilness”—of some action, item, or line of thinking. That is, the GM lets the Holy Roller know if the target is good/right, evil/wrong, or neutral/ambiguous.

The Gift of Speaking with Knowledge
EFFECT: The Charismatic speaks knowledgeably on any subject, whether or not Jezebel has any training or education about it. That is, the GM either gives Doctor Cozbe greater information on the subject at hand, or lets her player define—on the fly and in play!—some true fact about the subject. This can even include a demon’s name or obsession.

The Gift of True Faith
EFFECT: Faith imparts the Charismatic vast courage to resist obstacles and difficulties. This resistance grants protection against the supernatural, functioning as the Protective Faith skill at 100%.

The Grace of Healing
EFFECT: This is the laying on of hands to aid those in pain or bearing injury, by which the Charismatic heals a target’s injuries, equal to the sum of the dice of the healing roll. This healing works on everything, including the “unhealable” damage caused by Pornomancer blasts.

The Gift of Miracles
EFFECT: The Charismatic performs a deed beyond human limits for the good of another (rather than him- self), receiving a +50% shift on the necessary roll. It’s most usually used to enhance physical capability (to lift a car off someone, for example), cast out devils, take up serpents, drink poison without harm, and so forth.

The Gift of Prophecy
EFFECT: While Charismatic prophecy usually amounts to divinely inspired proclamations about religious subjects, this Gift can give a vision of future events. If attempting to discern the future of a specific person, action, or event, it costs an extra minor charge. The GM either gives Jezebel a hint about the target’s near future or lets the Doctor simply state what may be.

The Gift of Discerning Spirits
EFFECT: The Doctor gains temporary Aura Sight (UA2, p. 43) for a number of minutes equal to the sum of the dice.

The Gift of Tongues
EFFECT: Doctor Cozbe can engage in basic communication in any human language, understanding and expressing basic concepts for a number of minutes equal to the sum of the dice. This ability to communicate is very rudimentary; simply put, talk like Tarzan.

The Gift of Interpreting Speeches
EFFECT: Conferred for the direction and comfort of one’s neighbor, this allows the Doctor to mystically distinguish spoken truths from falsehoods. That is, the GM reveals whether the target is lying or telling the truth.


Doctor Jezebel Cozbe was a psychiatry student that got addicted to pills, ended up on the street, and fell into the thrall of a particularly cruel Personomancer who called himself the Warlock Willy, and who pimped her out to various weirdos in the Occult Underground until he ran afoul of the Order of St. Cecil. The priests put a bullet in his head and put her into rehab, where she rediscovered God and became so obsessed with Jesus that she began to work minor miracles on her own. She decided that America had lost its way and she had been chosen by Jesus to put this Christian nation back on the path of righteousness.

So after a few years spent finishing her degrees, she opened a church/drug rehab charity to help unfortunate addicts. Spreading a message of anti-gun control, militant religious fervor, female empowerment, and the destruction of all the warlocks (her term for adepts) that are responsible for all her patients problems because of their wicked mind control magic, Cozbe soon attracted quite a following amongst the most poorly educated and gullible folks she encountered.

Dr. Cozbe’s church quickly developed into a cult of personality that on one hand seeks to identify, capture, torture, and kill warlocks while on the other they provide free healthcare and psychiatric help to addicts and prostitutes in an attempt to get them to find Jesus, join up, learn to shoot a gun, off the streets, and ultimately off of social welfare.

The Doctor has a pilot program called Whores For Jesus which employes former prostitutes as proselytizers that has gained national attention due to a recent controversy where a few wayward church members were selling their bodies to attract new converts and donating the money to the charity. Despite this public relations debacle, Jezebel has even taken to the airwaves to spread her teachings on FM 95.7 Cozebe Reformist Church Radio. The Doctor has even got plans for her own Cozbe Show on the local public access channel 2.

Although she would never admit to it, Doctor Cozbe is actually practicing a minor adept school that is sometimes called Charismata by people in the know. None of its modern practitioners have ever managed to generate a significant or major charge. Furthermore its taboo appropriately enough is sinning, so whenever Dr. Cozbe does anything sinful from taking the lords name in vain to sex outside of marriage, or even judging someone she loses all the charges she’s carrying. On the other hand, she can gain a minor charge by spending 6 hours communing with her God either by meditating, praying or even with self-flagellation, doesn’t matter what it is as long as it can’t be construed as sinful.

Doctor Jezebel Cozbe

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