Dante Culpepper

Ecumenical Franciscan fallen to witchcraft


Obsession: Helping People
 (linked to Salvatomancy)
Fear: Magick (Unnatural). Magick is a sin. Dante know this, therefore he must have fallen under the sway of the Devil, and he’s terrified that someone will find out. Especially, now that he knows the Vatican has an active and imposing INQUISITION that kidnaps and kills demons and witches.

Rage: Police. Dante believes that cops exist to enforce distasteful and unfair laws that keep people down and make the world a cage.

Noble: The Poor. Showing marginalized people love and kindness is what gets Father Culpepper out of bed in the morning. 

Body (Athletic)70
Cancer Patient (anytime a roll is beneath his Cancer Patient skill level he loses his next action vomiting and feeling sick; this skill can be raise by 5% for free at the end of every session, each time it is raised Father Culpeppers player gains 5 XP, if it ever equals his Body stat; the cancer kills him. He can also roll this skill to add a positive shift to social rolls to get sympathy equal to the roll result) 10%
Free-running (general athletics/climbing) 70
Fisticuffs 30

Speed (Doesn’t Feel Well) 40
Conscientious Driver 30%
Initiative 20%

Mind (Calculating) 60

Catechism (religious ed) 25%
First Aid 25%
Notice 15%
Catholic Paradigm (protects against failed Unnatural checks at a cost of a permanent Self 1F) 40%

Soul (
Evangelistic) 70
Cash A Check From The Food Bank (Culpepper has access to several food banks around town and a successful check means that he happens to have enough food on hand to feed the tens place of the roll in people) 15%
Charm 50%
Confess (his ability to get people to unburden themselves, can’t go above his charm) 25%
Homeless People Owe Me (the likelihood that any given homeless person owes him a favor) 15%
Lie 15%
Magick: Salvatomancy 40%
Order of Saint Cecil Phone Number (Lets him alert the “Inquisitor” Father Jose Carrillo to local hauntings, demonic possessions, suspected witches, or trouble makers that he can categorize as somehow demonic. However a critical failure could tip off the Order to his own secret blasphemy, failed rolls usually just mean that Father Carrillo is busy) 15%
Spout Gospel (lets him recite inspirational or intimidating bible verse) 15%

Unnatural 2H, Self 1F, Helplessness 1F, Isolation 1H/1F

Equipment: Threadbare casual clothes, Collarino shirt, black cassock, sandals, bible, bell, candle, loaf of bread, box of donuts, thermos of coffee, bicycle, messenger bag, helmet, and a briefcase containing 30,000 dollars of stolen (possibly marked) money.

Taboo: Show any warmth or mirth in any setting. Comfort someone in any way other than fixing a specific problem for them. Apologize for anything. Hugs are out of the question.


Father Dante Culpepper has a degree in religious studies and social work. He served as a Franciscan missionary to the homeless of San Francisco and while there was entrenched in the local superstitions, stories circulated of magick and Godwalkers and other legends. Father Culpepper shook off the stories and continued his work until a few years later he suffered a nervous breakdown.

The church shuffled him off to an all but forgotten ministry in the Mid West, but the damage was done. Culpepper had glimpsed something so terrible that his mind broke, and he realized that he was a parasite, that by helping them he was keeping them dependent on his help and the feelings that help brought was feeding his need to seem to be a good person. Doctrine explained all men were sinners, but he was a monster. Dante soon learned the basics of his new power, that by helping others without asking anything in return he would gain power over them. He learned to never say he was sorry while he was carrying the mojo.

Eventually, Father Culpepper became a player in the Occult Underground. Consorting with witches and downtrodden thieves. He has begun to operate as a kind of occult fixer, helping not only homeless people but also “witches” and thus gaining more power and more prestige over them. He has also learned of the Vatican’s Inquisition, and has been entrusted with a phone number that he has used once to remove a dangerous threat to his congregation.

He has also become aware of an extremist group calling itself the Cozbe Reformist Church that takes in drug addicts and prostitutes and trains them to kill. The group is lead by a fanatical televangelist named Doctor “Jez” Cozbe. The Doctor also owns a small radio station in the community and has been the subject of several local controversies such as the Whores For Jesus program that she started. Rumors suggest that members of her group have attacked a couple of occultists in the past few weeks.

Recently he helped Leonard Baraglia, another practitioner of witchcraft, to organize a mystical poker game using tarot cards and other heathen trappings. Mr. Baraglia even convinced Culpepper to participate with offers of money. Culpepper did win some 30,000 dollars (allegedly acquired illegally from a Chinese bank upstate) but also acquired someones liver cancer and is not pleased by the outcome.

Dante Culpepper

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