Eight Ball

homeless immortal derelict


“Eight Ball”
Obsession: Enlightenment (linked to Old School Alchemy)
Fear: The Inquisition (Violence). Many of his friends and loved ones were burned at the stake by the Spanish Inquisition. He only escaped by faking his death in a fire. He has heard talk of a New Inquisition and the idea terrifies him.
Rage: Stupid People. Wisdom is the fruit of the tree of Knowledge, and Information are its seeds. Those that would prefer to live in ignorance hold the whole of Humanity back with their foolishness. If we followed their example, we’d all be living in caves; afraid of thunder.
Noble: Justice. Every man, woman, and child deserves an honest accounting of their actions. To take their just rewards along with their deserved punishments.

Body (Human Perfection) 100
Ageless Immortal (When Eight Ball is near death, or soon after he is dead, or after he has aged ten or more years he can roll Ageless Immortal to come back to life or to revert his biological age back to thirty. He can also regenerate missing body parts as he recovers damage equal to dice rolled i.e. rolling a 42 restores 42 damage. All active uses of this skill cost a minor charge and attempts to magically alter or possess his body fail if the do not exceed this skill for as long as he is holding at least a minor charge. Witnessing him regenerate is worth an Unnatural check with a rank equal to the tens place of his Ageless Immortal roll) 71%
General Athletics 15%
Marquess of Queensberry Rules (gentlemanly struggle skill) 15%
Immunity to Poison and Disease (a successful roll sheds any poison or disease affecting him from his body) 55%

Speed (Fancy Footwork) 60
Dodge 30%
Experienced Dancer 15%
Master Fencer 30%
Initiative 30%

Mind (Senile 300 Year Old Man) 30
Been There, Done That (hands on experience from more than three centuries of life in Europe and the Americas) 30%
Classical Education 15%
French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish Fluency 15%
Notice 15%
Secret Language of Birds (mystically acquired ability to speak and understand birds) 15%

Soul (Old Soul) 50
Alms for the Poor (allows him to attract spare change from passerby, with a dollar value equal to the one’s place of the roll) 15%
Charm 15%
Lie Like A Rug 45%
Old School Alchemy (Suffers a -50 shift when used to create magical workings which often require hazardous chemicals, or a -30 shift to perform occult rituals, it can also be rolled at a -50 shift to create poisonous bubbly magical working that glows in the moonlight and which require a number of hours equal to the one’s place of the dice multiplied by the tens place to fashion from poetic ingredients and hazardous chemicals, failed rolls are obviously toxic dealing damage equal to the one’s place of the roll (i.e. 0-9 damage) and inflict a 10% impairment penalty per dose, when the penalty equals or exceeds the subjects Body stat the subject is overcome by vomiting and can do nothing else until the poison is voided from their body. Successfully prepared elixirs also bestow a minor charge on the drinker in addition to the regular side effects. Eight Ball can spend an extra significant charge to negate the penalty for one roll) 50%

Unnatural 2H, Violence 1H/3F

Equipment: Shopping cart full of junk, stolen children’s science kits, jars of mercury and acid, test tubes, and recycling. Over-sized mismatched stinky urine stained clothing, rain galoshes, bag of Magic 8 Balls, a big floppy hat, a stolen library card, a big stack of dog-eared non-fiction books, and an artifact straight razor enchanted with the Knife That Drinks ritual.

Mr. Ball currently remembers the Knife That Drinks, and the Scurvy Livestock occult rituals, and he has a coded version of the Knife That Drinks ritual tattooed on his left arm. He used to know the Unspeakable Servant ritual and would likely give his right arm to learn it again (since he can always grow it back).

Eight Ball starts out with one significant charge. He can get more with his enchanted Knife.

Taboo: Eight Ball loses all his charges each night of the New Moon.

Old School alchemy has few formula elixirs, but Eight Ball can flexibly duplicate the effects of the proxy (UA2, p. 101) and tilt (UA2, p. 105) rituals, as well as any of the unnatural phenomena described at UA2, pp. 298–300, with one minor charge per minor effect, five minor charges per significant effect, and one significant charge per major effect.

He could also convert lead into gold at a cost of one minor charge per ounce for temporary transmutations (lasts 12 hours plus the sum of the dice) or five minor charges per ounce for permanent transmutations.


Born under the name Octavio in 1542 in Prague, to a disgraced nun out of wedlock. The little bastard child learned alchemy at the feet of Michel de Nostredame, a French apothecary, astrologer, occultist, seer and reformed Jew that took a shine to his mother Delphine, who ended up bearing two more illegitimate children with Michel before dying in childbirth with what was to have been her fourth child.

Things went pretty well for him, and he cut quite a dashing figure through Europe from 1562 until 1589, entertaining and seducing noble women as well as men. He a reputation as a sybarite and womanizer accumulating many favors from his paramours before sacrificing much of his newly found influence to acquire the substantial capital required to fund the crafting of a Philosopher’s Stone. Then once he had finished the artifact, he began to use the stone to transmute lead into gold both to pay back his many creditors as well as to amass greater wealth, and from it power and fame as an alchemist in the European courts.

During this time he made a great many enemies, the most powerful of which was the church. Eventually he suspected the Inquisition was closing in on him and his heathen friends. By 1622 he felt their noose closing tight. Octavio escaped their clutches by performing a major working and distilling the Philosopher’s Stone into an life giving elixir that he used to purify his wrinkled old body; removing all its many weaknesses and infirmities until he was left with a youthful countenance. He then proceeded to fake his death in a fire.

Emerging as would a butterfly from a cocoon, he was a new man who answered to the name Étienne Brûlé. Brûlé traveled to America hoping to learn the magical secrets of its wild natives and made his way as an explorer. Though it was his proclivity for unscrupulous seductions made possible by his ageless virtually indestructible body that continued to get him into trouble. He was messily killed several times, and often forced to adopt new identities if his death was too widely known to continue with his old guise, or he could not explain his long life to neighbors and new friends.

However by 1860, he realized his mistake. The human mind was never intended to hold more than a centuries worth of memories and he was beginning to forget the details of his past. By the 20th century Octavio remembered precious few details about his long life, and he often woke up screaming or crying from half-remembered days long since past. Some days he can’t even remember his own name.

These days he seems to be a dirty but attractive homeless man approximately thirty years old. Each time he resurrects himself: his skin, hair, and eye color change to reflect the local population and his biological age resets to 30 - a side effect of the magic that sustains him. He has a tattoo of a figure eight on his left arm as well as some indecipherable script (a combination of French, Latin, and German that was his own personal code in the 1750s) detailing the Knife that Drinks ritual, and some seemingly demonic occult diagram on his back whose significance (if any) he has long forgotten. The local homeless community started calling him Eight Ball in the 1980s after his predilection for collecting Magic 8 Ball toys and the Occult Underground continue to call him that.

Currently, he has set his sights on a mythical King Ball, a magic eight ball that functions as an infallible divination tool which has circulated occult circles since at least 1956. Mr. Ball acquired it once in 1972 and discovered that it could also be used to answer questions about himself and his missing memories. He came to believe it was the key to restoring his memories. However it was stolen by another occultist called the Fruit, and he’s been searching for it intermittently ever since, when y’know he remembers to.

Eight Ball

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