Gary "Gust" Olander

Rapidly aging jaded washout


Obsession: Football (linked to High School Fullback)
Fear: Being Unable to Provide for His Family (Helplessness)
Rage: Hippies.
Noble: His Wife and Kids.

Body (Ugly Slab of Meat) 80
High School Fullback (general athletics) 40%
My Grandma Hits Harder than That (successful roll reduces a brawling attack by higher of the two damage dice) 40%
Personal Foul (struggle) 30%
Rapidly Aging (Each time that Gust rolls a matched failure of any Body skill he appears to age one year, this calls for a Rank 3 Unnatural check to anyone that witnesses it, including Gust, after he has apparently reached an age equal to Body stat he’ll start suffering organ failure and die unless he regains the Youth he gambled away)

Speed (Relentless) 60
End Run (dodge) 45%
Initiative 30%
Road Rage (drive) 15%
Toss the Pigskin Around (throw) 45%

Mind (Wildly Uneducated) 30
Attentive Father (notice) 20%
Conceal 15%
Fantasy Football Statistics (education) 15%
Paradigm: Fundamentalist Christian Mindset 20% (Helplessness/Self)

Soul (Jerk Jock) 50
Class of 1971 (allows him to contact people that he graduated with, who always remember him for his football touchdown streak) 15%
Charm 15%
Distract People with His Ridiculously Ill-Informed Political Opinions (when this skill is rolled, listeners usually equal to the sum of the dice, stop what they were doing and gather around Gust to listen to him stunned, and heckle him when he stops speaking much to his annoyance but thankfully the listeners can be used as cover or a distraction, on a matched success it actually attracts someone who is favorably disposed toward Gust’s crazy opinion) 15%
I Love My Wife (represents his relationship with his conniving wife) 15%
Karma Houdini (allows him to avoid being punished for his mistakes, only works on authority figures however; perfect for avoiding speeding tickets. Note until the poker game this skill was considerably higher) 30%
Unsportsmanlike Conduct (lie) 20%
You’re A Good Boy, Gary Jr. (represents his ability to get his son to help him out) 15%

Violence 2F, Helplessness 3H, Self 1F

Equipment: Tiny run down house in the suburbs, rusty old pick up truck that his dad gave him in 1970, faded football Letterman jacket, T-shirt that says “Bouncer,” on it, football trophies, track trophy, box of worthless sports memorabilia, 1971 year book, weight lifting equipment, and 15,000 dollars worth of gambling winnings in a paper JC Penny’s shopping bag.


“Gust” Olander thinks his life ended when he turned 19, the day after he married his high school sweat heart and prom queen Mavis Blum, because in hindsight it was all down hill from there. In high school, Gary was dubbed Gust because he could run like the wind. At the high point of his career he scored five touch downs in a single away game. Since his marriage and subsequent birth of his son, Gary Junior, Gust has worked a string of low wage retail jobs at least until his home town’s economy dried up like a rotten fruit left in the sun too long. Now he works as a part-time bouncer and occasional moonlights for local small time criminals as the muscle. He doesn’t like it, doesn’t do it quietly or without complaint — in fact he constantly grumbles about the way his life used to be but he does it because he needs his wife and son to respect him. Gust needs to be able to provide for his family, they are all he has left.

He is also a fanatic fantasy football player, he constantly dreams of reliving his glory days as a fullback. He regularly listens to the play by play of every football game he can find. Which is why when he was contacted by a weird social worker named Dante Culpepper after he got diagnosed with liver cancer, he accepted a spot at a game of poker. Dante had said, that he’d have a chance to gamble away his disease and maybe win some money in the process. He did in fact lose the cancer, and won some money. He also lost about half of some ability shirk blame (Karma Houdini) that the other players convinced him he had to some black guy, as well as his Youth which has begun to worry him as his hair immediately changed from blonde to white. He later learned it was his purported ability to avoid the consequences of his actions that led to his invitation in the first place.

Gary "Gust" Olander

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