Podmore "Green Smile" Buddlesnick

The noble drunk.


Rage Stimulus: Mockery
Fear Passion: Forgetfulness
Noble Passion: Helping the Helpless
Obsession: Dipsomancy

Body (Husky) 65%
General Athletics 17%, Brick Shithouse (Struggle) 30%, Can’t Feel A Thing 25%, Large And Hard To Move 15% , Hold Your Liquor 25%, Big Scary Hobo 35%

Speed (Shaky) 25%
Dodge 15%, Initiative 25%, Drunk Driving 30%

Mind (Sharper than he looks) 60%
Law School Dropout (General Education) 25%, Notice 35%, Symbolic Logic 55%

Soul (Snarky) 70%
Disturbingly Fascinating (Charm) 20%, You Really Don’t Want To Think About It (Lying) 20%, Play Dumb 35%, Dipsomancy 50%

Sanity Meters
Violence 2H, Helplessness 1F, Unnatural 1F, Isolation 1H, Self 1H


Perry Beardmore and his father moved to the U.S. after his parents’ divorce when he was but ten years old. Baily Beardmore was a British advocate and Perry had every advantage and was instilled with a moral obligation to help the less fortunate as a lawyer. Perry was however, not quite up to the pressure, and was thrown out of law school for cheating. Disowned by his father, he turned to drink. He would have ended unstoried in the gutter, save that a fellow drunk showed him the kind of cheating liquor was really capable of. Now he’s determined to make a difference, if he could just remember his ultimate purpose.

Podmore "Green Smile" Buddlesnick

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