Marvin H. Wharnsby

Accountant tuned occult investigator


Obsession: Find The Woman In Red (linked to Follow The Money)
Fear: Unspeakable Servants (Unnatural). He almost got eaten by one once, before getting rescued and forced to serve The New Inquisition.
Rage: Repeated Failure. Nothing pisses him off more than screwing up twice at the same task, its humiliating and he can’t let it go.
Noble: Strong Work Ethic. His highest goal is to perform an unquestionably good job, and he’s willing to sacrifice just about anything to get the job done.

Body (Easily Ignored) 35
Hit LIke A Wet Noodle 15%
Nobody Notices Plain ol Marv (he’s so plain that he doesn’t get noticed on a successful roll, and even if he fails witnesses have to roll above this skill to describe his features accurately) 35%
Run A Mile In Under 15 Minutes (General Athletics) 15%

Speed (Faster Than Your Average Accountant) 50
And The Darwin Award Goes To… (this is his shooting skill) 15%
Driving 31%
Driving While Texting (allows him to drive while paying attention to something else at no penalty; but can’t exceed his driving skill, anytime he rolls drive and the roll is below Driving While Texting he gets a free extra action) 16%
Initiative 21%
Not In The Face (dodge) 15%
Walk And Chew Gum (any time Marv’s Initiative (rolled or not) is below his Walk And Chew Gum rating he may take a second action on his turn but his Initiative is considered to have failed) 22%

Mind (Genius Level Intellect) 95
Follow The Money (this is his investigation skill) 70%
Finish Crossword and Suduko Puzzles in 2 Minutes Flat 15%
Guess Your Password (computer hacking) 50%
I Am A CPA (general Ed) 25%
Notice 30%
TNI Flunky (this is his ability to recognize and identify magickal effects and practitioners; failed rolls over his stat means he forgot the information or never knew it in the first place, while failed rolls under his stat mean that he remembers faulty or misleading info, and matched or critical failures are so wrong that the info is going to get somebody killed) 15%

Soul (Misogynistic Creepo) 60
Call For Back Up (A number of times a month equal to the tens place of this skill. Marvin can call in a D-Level operative for a number of days equal to the ones place of the roll, and he can issue the back up a number of directives equal to the tens place of the roll. On a matched success TNI sends in Inquisitors equal the sum of the dice, while on a critical success Marv gets a C-level team. If time is a factor, this is considered to be a Major check, if not, its a Significant one, and if he wanted to schedule a help three or more months in advance it becomes a Minor check and he doesn’t need to roll but he’ll only get one assisting Inquisitor, and its usually the disgusting “Insect King”) 15%
Old Faithful (this is his reputation for being trustworthy and reliable; functions as a charm skill but when he decides to lie he can subtract points off this skill to add as a shift to any social roll he makes to deceive, spent points are lost forever) 40%
Playing Possum (lets him realistically exaggerate how injured he is, matched successes may have him playing dead so convincingly that his attacker must make a stress check) 25%
I’m Huge (lie) 15%
Four Inch Dowsing Rod (this is his ability to detect unnatural phenomena. He can happily sense direction, approximate distance, and if the source contains at least one minor, one significant, or one major charge, major level magick also give him nose bleeds and severe pain) 50%

Isolation 1F, Helplessness 1F, Self 1F, Violence 2H/1F, Unnatural 3H/1F

Equipment: top of the line desktop computer built into his nondescript sound proofed armored white van full of surveillance equipment and featuring deadbolt lockable doors, bulletproof travel brief case, multiple cell phones, pager, pair of handcuff keys (one taped to his arm, the other on a necklace), screwdriver, electrician’s tape, wallet stuffed with 50 one hundred dollar bills of “petty” cash. Several discs of decryption software, video games, p0rn, and more p0rn. Hushpuppy pistol in holster, bullet proof vest, waterproof rubber jacket, fetishy rubber pants, sneakers, and several pairs of surgical gloves.


After a particularly long day at the office during tax season, Marvin Wharnsby and his coworkers went to a bar to relax. Several drinks later Marv of all people was picked up by an unbelievably gorgeous WOMAN in a red dress. SHE escorted him back to his place for several hours of unbelievable mind-blowing sex. In the morning SHE was gone. And so was his ability to get it up so to speak, which is why whenever he talks about HER, you can hear the capital letters.

Apparently SHE had somehow stolen is ability to get erections. Marvin soon became desperate to regain his manhood. At first he tried medicinal remedies such as viagra to restore his performance, when none of those cures worked he started seeing specialists. Despite the Silver Class health care plan offered by his firm nothing could be done by modern science even after getting a surgical implant, which did nothing to stem his bodies complete lack of interest. In the midst of these failures Marvin began to search for HER everywhere.

In the end he discovered two things: one was that he could get spontaneous erections in the presence of mind-bendingly weird shit, and two when that weird shit stomps you down and ties you up with tentacles, how lucky you are that a bunch of guys in raincoats and surgical masks chose that moment to break down the door, kill the rotting tentacle-thing, and kidnap you.

Which is how Marvin Harvey Wharnsby managed to end up in the service of a secret army of hit-men, freaks, and lawyers. If only he could figure out how to get some action, things would be cool. Unfortunately he usually only experiences the proper stimuli moments before everything goes crazy which is incredibly frustrating to say the least.

Now, Marvin works for The New Inquisition as an occult dowsing rod. He has an unnatural talent to detect magickal disturbances in his general vicinity which is incidentally the only way he can get it up anymore. He finds himself moved around a lot as different teams need to track unnatural creatures or home in on adepts. Every team he’s liaised with has treated him as a joke. He’s been attempting to arrange for a liaison of another sort with a female adept within the organization but has so far been unsuccessful at convincing his superiors of the need for hands on “research,” instead he usually gets partnered with an bug adept or Entomomancer, named Randy but will only answer to the sobriquet “Insect King” and has penchant for rubbing himself with grease and letting flies and roaches crawl over his skin, because of which Randy is known as the Roach by most D-level Inquisitors.

Unlike many of TNI’s D-level recruits he has yet to actually need a new identity, and at least on paper appears to have been hired by a high paying forensic accounting firm. So Marvin still has occasional contact with his old life. Furthermore, he has a reputation as being reliable that carried over into his new life.

Marvin H. Wharnsby

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