Octavia Prandishaw

Don't wind her up!


Obsession: n/a. Octavia is incapable of getting obsessed over anything.
Fear: Disappointing Bukowski. She knows not to upset the old man, and she’s afraid that unless she gets Winifred back from wherever she has gone, the old man will be very upset.
Rage: People Who Harm Winifred. Winifred must be protected.
Noble: Keep Winifred Bukowski Happy. Octavia was designed and built by a clockworker named Bukowski to watch over his daughter Winnie when she was a child fifteen year ago.

Body (Tiny) 30
Attractive Young Lady With Porcelain Skin (sex appeal) 15%
Power Reserve (how many days she can function without her perpetual heart, she can spend a day’s worth of stored energy to raise her Body or Speed by 10 for one action or take an additional action. Octavia can spend as many as five days worth of energy on a single roll or take as many as three extra actions per round. She’ll recharge two days worth of power every day. This skill is never rolled and cannot be raised without a clockworker spending a Significant charge. If she accumulate more than fourteen days worth of power she’ll bleed off the excess taking a die of damage for each excess day worth of power) 14
Punch A Hole In The Wall (struggle) 30%
Refuse To Die (can only be rolled when Octavia is about to die, if successful she doesn’t die but she treats all other skills as untrained such is the severity of her wounds: i.e she can only succeed on a Hail Mary rolls) 30%

Speed (WTF? Where Did She Go?) 100
Catch Buses And Other Moving Objects (speed-based general athletics) 15%
Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight (dancing) 15%
Dodge 15%
Initiative (her initiative is so high that she actually gains a second action every round) 85%
Like A Ghost (stealth skill) 15%
Shot In The Dark (this is her firearms skill) 15%
Swing A Dead Cat (throwing skill) 15%

Mind (Disturbing) 50
Booby-Traps (lets her assemble car bombs and other traps) 15%
Kooky Knowledge (her fictional memory of the Pradishaw clan) 15%
Sense Weakness (notice) 45%
Take Apart And Reassemble Machines (mechanical tinkering) 30%

Soul (Not All There) 20
Creepy Monotone (intimidate) 15%
Hypnotic Suggestion (charm) 15%

Self 1H/1F, Helplessness 1H/1F, Unnatural 1H/1F

Equipment: black umbrella, black purse containing makeup, a black bra and undies, a black and white dress, striped socks, tiny black flats, white gloves, sharp knife, a Webley revolver (max. damage 40) with twelve cartridges.

Note: Octavia is a clockwork automata, she was constructed to appear as and believe herself to be Octavia Pradishaw, a Wednesday Addams like character from a childrens book called Who Loves Octavia Pradishaw written by Jeff Wikstrom and illustrated by Edward Gorey. She doesn’t sweat or excrete anything, doesn’t need to eat or digest food, her body is lubricated by blood, and she only needs to breathe in order to speak. She is powered by a perpetual motion machine in her chest, a mystical device that breaks most of the laws of thermodynamics but most importantly each time she rolls a matched success in Body or Speed her Speed stat increases by the sum of the dice. When her Speed stat reaches 200 she’ll explode dealing 6 dice damage assembled however she likes into three pairs, the first effects everyone within 30 feet like a gunshot, second covers the next 31-60 feet but deals ten times the tens place plus the ones place in damage, and the third covers the last 61-120 feet of carnage dealing damage equal to the sum of the dice. Her strength is such that struggle attacks deal firearms damage and when hit by bullets her resilient armored body only takes damage equal to the lowest die of attack (not that Octavia knows that).


Octavia remembers growing up in a dilapidated old mansion in the nameless city with her brothers Cassius and Brutus, her mother Lavina, her father Doctor Pradishaw, and her uncle Nounverber: torturing tourists to death and scaring the neighbors.

Miss Pradishaw also remembers raising a baby named Winnie, then a girl named Winnifred, and then a teenager named ‘fred in a dusty old farm house in the country for a senile old man called Bukowski. She thinks that the old man brought her here from a far away land that she doesn’t remember too well. So that Octavia could raise his granddaughter. She also thinks it is his magic that keeps Octavia young without understanding that she was built by the old man. She has never quite understood why ’fred’s favorite book is Who Love’s Octavia Pradishaw or how it could be that her family could have been spied on for so long without noticing and torturing the despicable peeping tom.

Yesterday, his granddaughter disappeared and Octavia needs to find her before the old man discovers her failure. Maybe Winnifred was kidnapped and taken into town? The old man often spoke of his enemies: the Exclusive Brethren, the Thule Society, the Ordo Corpulentus, and the Communists. Perhaps one of his many enemies took her ransom? To rectify her error Octavia left a note at the farm house for the old man, before she hitch hiked into town to find ’fred and bring her back.

Octavia Prandishaw

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