Leo Penne


Obsession: Freedom (No Cage Can Hold Me)

Rage Passion: Promise Breakers. Nothing Ticks Leo off like someone who breaks their word.
Fear Passion: Cops. You’ve been on the wrong end of the law too many times.
Noble Passion: Your word is your bond. If you say something you’ll do it or die trying.

Body (Toned) 55
Acrobatics (General Athletics) 30
Feat of Strength 15
Poke Them in the Eye! (Struggle) 15
Voluntary Regurgitation 25

Speed (Faster than the Eye) 74
Dodge 15
Drive 15
Initiative 37
Lock Picking 34
No Cage Can Hold Me 70
Sleight of Hand 45

Mind (Cunning) 70
College Drop Out (General Education) 15
Hypnosis 28
Misdirection (Conceal) 30
Notice 42

Soul (Detached) 41
Impress People with Card Tricks (Charm) 25
One Night Stand 31
Say Anything with a Straight Face (Lie) 15

Additional Soul Skill Contact: Mina O’Neal, your lovely assistant and ex-wife 15

Hypnosis lets you put people under by speaking calmly to them and making a significant check. Once the subject is under you can instill post hypnotic imperatives with major checks, or convince them to reveal or remember things without a roll as long as your hypnosis check result was over their Notice skill.

No Cage Can Hold Me is an escape artist skill that lets you get out of slip out of ropes, squeeze through cell bars and small spaces by dislocating limbs and joints.


Leo Penne

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