Tristram Tricomi

Part-Time Occultist, Full Time Fry Cook!


Obsession Skill: Communicate With The Other Side (linked to Demon Wrangling)
Fear: The Sleepers (Unnatural). His friend Cassie warned him about the secret police of the Occult Underground before she got packed off to that asylum and how they discipline dukes that frighten the mundanes with their occult power.
Rage: Heightist Attitudes. People who make fun of his stature really get his dander up.
Noble: Family. Tristram works hard for minimum wage to support his mother and two siblings and hopes the money that their “haunted” house and his siblings disability checks will make up the difference.

Body (Regular Sized Head On Cuddly Little Body) 50
Climb Under Things (general athletics) 15
Crotch Biter (any Panzerderm roll below this skill used against men deals temporary firearm style damage that lasts a number of rounds equal to the sum of the dice, and if it deals temporary damage greater than half the targets wound threshold they are knocked unconscious from the pain) 15%
Panzerderm (struggle; but when Tristram gets hit, and he successfully rolls his Panzerderm skill, he can take all four dice and recombine them to get a two-dice result he wants and take that as Hand-to-Hand damage. Panzerderm has no effect on additional damage modifiers, matched successes, critical successes, or Firearms damage) 40%

Speed (Good Timing) 60
Drive With Dictionaries Duct Taped To My Feet 45%
Get There First (represents his ability to find and use short cuts to get to a destination in the same city faster than regular routes would suggest, a successful roll shaves the roll result as a percentage off the time it would otherwise take) 15%
Initiative 30%
Small And Hard To Hit (dodge) 15%

Mind (Half Baked) 50
Hide His Stash (conceal) 15%
Online Obscure Occult Education (gen. ed; on a matched or critical success actually has accurate occult information about charging structures and taboos of all the schools that are only listed in Post-Modern Magick and the Break Today sourcebooks, such as Amoromancy, Annihilomancy, Geomancy, Iconomancy, Infomancy, and Oneiromancy but not Biblomancy or Entropomancy since those are in the core book otherwise the information is limited to internet rumor and speculation of course who knows the difference anyway?) 40%
Occult Paradigm (Isolation/Unnatural) 25%

Soul (Comic Wit) 80
All Expenses Paid Guilt Trip (makes people - even demons on a matched success, feel terrible. This lets him upgrade his next social roll against them, if it succeeds, to matched success or if the respective Charm or Lie skill was already a matched success he can treat it as a critical success) 25%
Avatar the Fool 39%
Decorated Wingman (allows him to get other people the attention of the same or opposite sex as desired by their orientation) 15%
Make You Laugh (charm) 15%
One Super Deluxe Vegan Burger On The House (lie) 15%
Third Eye Open (this as a Soul-based notice skill that works like Aura Sight allowing him to see living human’s auras, easily detecting astral parasites or demonic possession additionally at a costs of one minor magickal charge he even can see auras through walls or track a person by the psychic residue they leave behind, and even see through magickal illusions for a number of minutes equal to the lower of the two dice) 45%
Wrangle Demons (can be used to perform any minor demon possession ritual but not any other kind of ritual without spending minor charges, and lets Tristram attempt to command or cast out the spirit when it inhabits his body with a successful Wrangle Demons roll a number of times a day equal to the tens place of the skill) 51%

Isolation 1H/Unnatural 1F

Equipment: A room in a huge ramshackle old Queen Anne style house on 1331 Hatchet Hill road rumored to be haunted (been deemed a historic building and has been in his family for generations, who do weekly ghost tours of the premises), month long bus pass, leather jacket, McDonalds uniform, no-slip shoes, old Commodore 64 he found at a garage sale, rustic hipster clothing, phony ghost detector, a Theremin, a half ounce of marijuana, a bong shaped like a wizard, a copy of the “phone book” (a treatise on demon summoning as well as an exhaustive list of 606 demons and their true names, supposed obsessions, and sobriquets. The phone book contains a demonic possession ritual that requires an ounce of mammal blood, a human bone, a ceramic cup, 4 grams of sugar, one ounce of alcohol, 1 teaspoon mercury, 1 teaspoon arsenic and when the ingredients are ground together while the incantation is spoken aloud followed by setting the contents aflame the ritual summons the demon invoked into whomever drinks the resulting concoction), a bank account with 90¢ balance, and the ritual of lesser correspondence (that he can’t even use).

When Tristram starts the game his player should roll 2d10 and he gets minor charges equal to the lower of the two dice, these are the charges that Cassie gave him with the lesser correspondence ritual.


Tristram Tricomi was the third and last child born to an alcoholic Italian American single mother Sandra after his father abandoned them. He suspects he was born with the disproportionate dwarfism because of his mothers drinking problem. Neither of his older siblings had the disorder, although his brother Bartolomeo has Uner Tan syndrome (a spinal disorder that prevents him from walking upright) and his sister Marilyn suffers from a severe immunodeficiency disorder which has forced her to live her whole life in a protective bubble out of sight in the attic of the family home. So when he thinks of it that way, he got off easy.

The ancestral Tricomi family home on Hatchet Hill is infamous in local lore for a series of seven murders and disappearances that occurred in the early 1860s and before that the house was used by smugglers in the 1840s. The Civil War era murderer was never found, and the house was sold to the Tricomi family in 1931. The family has turned the house into a local attraction and Ghost-themed tourist trap.

This is probably why Tristram has always been interested in ghosts and contacting the other side. As a teenager he found a secret room at the end of tunnel behind a wall in the basement of the house on Hatchet Hill. The secret room contained a pentagram inscribed on the floor and a lectern with messy taped together collection of wrinkled parchment pages purported to contain a list of demonic names, behaviors, and summoning rituals. Tristram has dubbed the pages the “phonebook,” and eventually worked up the nerve to try the ritual as when he was in high school. As a result he ended up arrested and sent to juvenile hall.

To help support his family, Tristram had to get a job at the local McDonalds in town. He was quickly inducted into “secret” occult conspiracy by fellow employee Cassiopeia Zwanziger, a Amoromancer. Cassie got him to join the Mak Attax mailing list where he goes by the code name SpiritGuide88. One long night while Cassie and Tristram were stoned she also convinced him to undergo a trephination ritual that she had acquired in a poker game from Lucky Leonard. However, after they failed to stop the bleeding she took him to the hospital, ended up getting arrested for assault, and subsequently her family got her committed to an asylum upstate. Leaving Tristram as the only remaining member of the local Mak Attax cell. He really misses her even if she was only using his infatuation with her to charge up (as he suspects).

The ritual has left him with soft spot on his forehead and an unreliable ability to see spirits. He also managed to not lose his job by blaming the incident on Cassiopeia.

Tristram Tricomi

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