Half Remembered Magick

Starting Out Strange...and getting weirder all the time.
Internally consistent weirdness

So if you head over to the characters page, you’ll see several global level characters just waiting for PC status. One of the things I love about Unknown Armies is the DIY skill mechanic, and the Fear/Rage/Noble passion mechanic, oh AND the fact that except for Major magick its so low key…that sometimes you can’t immediately tell if the spell worked or failed until later, which makes it all the more fun when your adept tries to convince someone he can really do magic(k) in a jaded skeptical modern day setting.

My favorite way to kick off a game of Unknown Armies is always with a bank heist, the smaller the bank the better. Planning heists are always fun. Any even 50,000 split five or six ways is a decent pay-off for some homeless street adept and his buddies who are usually trying to balance their obsession to amass magickal power with the responsibilities of earning a living. And usually failing to keep it together.

So far I’ve run three UA games with this same premise and they’ve all been hits. I’ve also run four considerably weirder games, including one was entitled Charles Fort Must Die! and opened with weird scene involving two suitcases (one was full of money the other was full of water and two Texas Bluegil fish) and a taxi cab full of mobsters and undercover cops in drafty Halloween costumes and fuzzy memories of how they got there. That game ended with the party waking the Tiger in such a Big Way, that no future games of mine have been set in Los Vegas, Nevada because their still thought to dealing with the fallout.

I’ve got an idea for an Unknown Armies game in the vein of Twin Peaks. So I’ve got some street-level law enforcement types already built Deputy Chester A. Arthur , Sheriff John Tyler , and Special Agent Hamilton Fish but feel free to make your own if thats the game you’d like to play.


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