Mrs. Serendipity Stanikofski-Eggebraaten

The subject of an occult ritual.


Obsession: The Stock Market (Plutomancy)
Fear: The New Inquisition (Unnatural), she’s run afoul of a several armed individuals proclaiming themselves members of the New Inquisition. Serendipity assumes she must have pissed off the Pope.
Rage: Poverty, she grew up dirt poor in a hippie commune in the Mid West.
Noble: Children. Serendipity has always had a soft spot for little brats.

Body (Curvy but toned) 50
Distracting Breast Implants 25%
General Athletics 15%
My Body is a Lethal Weapon (adds +3 damage to successful Self-Defense Classes rolls under this skill, +6 on a matched success) 15%
Self-Defense Classes (struggle) 25%

Speed (Faster Than You Would Believe) 60
Cheat At Games of Chance 25%
Dodge 20%
Initiative 40%
Used to Drive on the Left 15%

Mind (Gold Digger) 60
Capitalist Pig (financial lore) 15%
Eyes in the Back of Her Head (notice) 30%
French (the language) 15%
Playing the Stock Market (regular successes make hundreds of dollars equal to the tens place of the roll, matched successes make thousands, failed rolls lose the equivalent, and a critical success nets a million dollars while a critical failure costs her everything) 39%
World Traveler (general ed) 30%

Soul (Lucky) 70
Avatar of The Gambler 11%
Beginner’s Luck 30%
Bluff (lie) 15%
Sexy French Accent (charm) 15%
Magick: Plutomancy 50%
Thank My Lucky Stars 65%

Unnatural 5H/3F, Helplessness 2F, Violence 1H/1F

Equipment: Fancy black dress, designer shoes, suit case full of business attire, makeup kit, purse, check book, a gold Peugeot 205 supermini car with designer wood interiors and a car phone, nice hotel room booked for the next two weeks, 1 thousand euro in her bank account, four travelers checks worth $500 each, 200 thousand dollars in assorted stocks earning annual dividends that are distributed weekly to the tune of 2d10x10 dollars per week, a wax stoppered 16 oz. bottle of invisible gremlins (that when at least a single ounce of gremlins are pored onto any electrical device invented after 1906 causes the machine to seize up and break, worse there is a 10% chance that the gremlins will spread to any susceptible device the first time it touches a machine inhabited by the gremlins, the possibility increases by 5% for every decade newer the device is from 1906 so if pored onto a Livens Electric Dishwasher it will automatically break it then if someone were to set an Atari 400 invented in 1978 on the dishwasher there would be a 45% that the gremlins would spread to the the Atari 400 and break it too) and 4 minor charges.


Serendipity was conceived during a ritual to harness the power of probablity, her parents were involved in a 1960s era mid-western cult. Born in 1969, Serendipity possessed preternatural luck, which is represented by a skill called Thank My Lucky Stars which tends to bail her out of trouble as often as it gets her in it. The skill allows for a immediate roll after any failed roll, a number of times per session equal to the tens place of the skill. If successful the Thank My Lucky Stars roll replaces the original roll, however the next Major roll the character makes suffers a penalty equal to his Thank My Lucky Stars skill, and the next Significant roll she makes automatically fails. She can’t use Thank My Lucky Stars again until she has made both a Major check at a penalty and failed a Significant check, doing so recharges her luck as it were.

Serendipity grew up dirt poor and was always envious of her well off rivals in school. When her senior high school trip took her to Europe in ’87, she ditched her classmates in France, and shortly after ended up on the street in with the thrall of a budding Plutomancer called Niels Eggebraaten ran who took pains to make her his apprentice and his wife — breaking her mind in the process and training her in secrets of Plutomancy. Niels was part of a cabal of foreign occultists and degenerate trust fund freaks that had a crazy scheme to take over the United States by causing economic distress on a global scale and using the situation to get on the board of the Federal Reserve. Niels had decided to cut her out of the plan. But she got lucky as she usually does, and Niels Eggebraaten ran afoul of the FBI while visiting America with her, and ended up getting put in an asylum for the criminally insane, leaving her with his remaining assets (after quite a bit was confiscated by Federal agents, and money was spent to keep Niels comfortable in the nut house) and the hatred of his remaining covetous Norwegian family. Serendipity sends a bottle of wine to the lead investigators of the case as a Christmas present ever year.

Serendipity recently moved back to her families old stomping grounds when she learned she had inherited her grandmothers fancy house, this also coincided with a high stakes occult poker game that she wished to participate in. She ended up losing 80,000 dollars and her fancy house, but won a bottle of invisible gremlins and a couple mystical skills including Beginner’s Luck which allows her to substitute it for any skill she doesn’t possess once, each use costs her a minor charge though. Her player should note each skill its substituted for as the roll cannot be repeated for any of those skills. She also gained an Avatar skill from the events organizer and dealer “Lucky” Leonard Baraglia who thinks she cheated him and wants revenge. She hopes that the Avatar skill bleeds off before it drives her insane.

Mrs. Serendipity Stanikofski-Eggebraaten

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