J. Charles Locke

Kleptomancer gone weird


Obsession: Staying Out of Jail (linked to Cleidomancy)
Fear: Getting Caught. Gordon C. Locke was arrested for drug possession and he managed to get off after serving twenty years in prison. He’s slowly been putting his life back together ever since. Few know the details but he was actually covering for his friends Tony, Sandra, Robin, and Marissa who were in the van with him but managed to slip away between the cop pulling him over and the cop arresting him.
Rage: Racist Stereotypes.
Noble: Magick. While serving time he witnessed a miracle produced by an adept in the joint. Once he was out, he dedicated as much free time as he could to learning magick. He thinks magick levels the playing field for disadvantaged people like himself.

Body (Skinny Black Guy) 40
General Athletics 15%
Take A Punch (successful roll lets Locke take one die less damage from a struggle, either highest die on a matched success or the lowest die on a regular success, and no damage on a critical success) 35%

Speed (Doesn’t Make Sound) 80
Clean Up After Myself (lets him hide the evidence and keep house) 15%
Driving While Black 15%
Dodge 15%
Jimmy The Lock 30%
Initiative 40%
I’m Right Behind You (hide and move silently skill, if successful he’s right behind them) 60%
Pimp Slap (a Speed based struggle skill; it deals hand to hand damage equal to the one’s place of the roll but if the target lacks Hardened Violence notches equal to the tens place the attack deals temporary damage equal to the roll result, i.e. a 36 deals 36 temporary damage which wears off after a number of rounds equal to the ones place of the roll, a 0 means in this cases means the temporary damage immediately goes away. A matched success deals temporary damage equal to the skill, and a critical hit does temporary damage equal to his Body stat. Furthermore if the target was busy failing a stress check, a successful Pimp Slap puts them into a freeze reaction for the duration if it doesn’t KO them first) 40%

Mind (Like A Steel Trap) 60
Conceal 30%
Look Out (notice) 30%
Photographic Memory 30%
Street Smarts (gen. ed.) 15%

Soul (Delightful Laughter) 60
Charm 15%
Got Soul (lets him sing Rhythm and Blues) 15%
Karma Houdini (Locke won this skill in a magick poker game, it lets him avoid being punished by the authorities) 30%
Magick: Cleidomancy 45%
Plead The Fifth (resist interrogation; attempts to get him to read him or get him to talk have to be successful and above this skill to work. He has this skill instead of lie because he’s a terrible liar.) 30%

Self 1H, Violence 1H/2F

Equipment: Janitorial uniform, mop, broom, and cleaning supplies, magnetic ID access card to the NRG plant, key ring, rubber boots, rubber gloves, hair net, nose plugs, bucket, undependable Ford Nova car (engine has a 10% chance of starting, and random components such as the seat belts, brakes, or headlights are on the fritz 55% of the time), bank account with 100 dollars, tiny apartment in the bad part of town, and an enchanted rubber Nixon mask that makes whomever wears it appear to be a fat white politician in an expensive suit and grants him the Lie skill at 75% while wearing it (taking off the mask triggers a Rank 7 Self check).

He begins the game with 4 minor charges, and eight keys including one magnetic key card.

Generate a Minor Charge: Get a key or passcard to some new restricted area or object. This could be a set of car keys, an apartment or office key, or even a lockbox key if something worthwhile is in the lockbox. It doesn’t matter if you got the key legitimately or not, and you don’t even have to use it. The key must be a physical object that lets you bypass physical barriers – passcodes and backstage passes won’t work. Getting new copies of keys you already have won’t earn new charges, either.

Generate a Significant Charge: Acquire a key to a coveted location. This has to be a place or thing that’s well-protected, valuable, and specifically desired by more than a dozen people.

Generate a Major Charge: Acquire a historically significant key.

Taboo: Give away any key. Physical possession is what counts here. You can’t lend out a key, leave a key out of your arm’s reach of your keys, or let someone else touch a key. You can’t even return a key you borrowed from someone else.

Also, you must treat all keys with reverence. Keeping them on a chain is fine, but using a key to open a package, insulting a key, or allowing any a key to be damaged breaks taboo.

Random Magic: Access and identity.

Symbolic Tension: Keys are external possessions, but they convey a social status of identity and membership.

Blast: The Cleidomancy blast opens up a hole in the target. This blast also works equally well on objects.


After getting out of prison and onto parole James Charles Locke he got the a job as a night janitor (at a Nuclear Power Plant about an hour from the town where he lives) with help from a cross-dressing intersex Kleptomancer who called him/herself Robin Banks. Banks had some pull with the maintenance company manager who owed him a favor, and Banks still felt guilty that Locke had never ratted on Banks or the old crew from school while he was inside. In fact, Locke has a pretty decent reputation with the few remaining members of the gang such as Robin, and Sandra. Sandra evidently married her second cousin Tony Tricomi and had a bunch of fucked up kids including one that is a bubble girl (meaning she lives in a plastic bubble) and another that’s a dwarf. Tony ditched her and the kids a few years after she popped out the third freak. Nobody has seen him since, and o’ Marissa Johnson who had been writing him letters for the past twenty years over dosed right before he got out and is now in a coma.

Robin also agreed to train him in Kleptomancy after he got out of jail, in exchange for five years of service, friendship, and free house keeping for five years. Robin kind fucked up the training because Locke never really learned how to charge up by stealing things. Instead, he somehow got fixated on stealing keys and developed a kind of key magick.

Essentially, Locke has started his own school which he calls Cleidomancy. It requires him to steal keys, and never give them back. He also must pay every key in his possession the “proper” respect, meaning he can’t damage the keys, insult them, or use them for any other purpose but what they were intended for…opening locks. He also has to keep them clean and if possible shiny. Locke is still figuring out how to get a major charge and deciding on what effects to formalize.

Recently, he and Robin participated in a magickal poker game organized by Dante Culpepper and Lucky Leonard and managed to lose his life savings and win a weird ability to avoid getting punished by authority figures as well as an enchanted rubber Nixon mask. Robin won a bunch of money and went on a cruise which is good because Locke still has to serve him for another three years, unfortunately he still has to look over Robin’s low income housing apartment and keep it clean as well as feed his “familiar” until he gets back in three months because if Robin doesn’t return by the time his/her rent is up Locke is obligated to pay Robins rent as well unless he wants to break the deal he struck with Robin.

J. Charles Locke

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