The Ritual of Eleven Doors

Cost seven significant charges

To perform the Eleven Doors ritual one needs a length of corridor, each end closed by a door. The corridor must be no less than four meters long – enough for three strides.

During preparation, the magician must lock both doors and sequester himself inside the corridor for three days and three nights. He cannot receive any interference from the outside world – not even to go to the toilet, brush his teeth, shower, etc. All those things must be catered for in advance.

The magician may not eat while enacting the ritual. He may drink though.

Twenty-nine arcane symbols must be painted on the doors, walls, floor and ceiling in a specific order.

Once the seven significant charges are spent The Ritual of Eleven Doors is complete.

To activate the Eleven Doors, all the travellers must be inside the corridor with one door locked (the one that will exit them into Ghost City. They lock both doors. Someone kisses the keyhole of the door that is to open into Ghost City, spends a minor charge, unlocks the door, and walks through.

Effect: Eleven Doors allows the characters to move within a city in a similar way the Pilgrim can walk the earth. The travellers are bound to walk in the preordained Ghost City. The travellers walk through the Eleven Doors’ door, wander around the unmapped Ghost City, then walk back into the real world.

Once they enter the Ghost City, they are subject to the various infringements of bizarre happenings. The Ritual of Eleven Doors creates the ability to shortcut space in the original city by taking the spatial shortcut through Ghost City.

They walk in Ghost City until they come across to the place they wanted to be or within a block of that place. The quick transition between Ghost City and the city is done in the time it takes for a person to blink. Getting back requires another corridor or your own steam.

The Eleven Doors ritual gets its name because it can be used eleven times before it doesn’t work again. The corridor can be used again, but all the old markings need to be stripped down and redone, essentially redoing the Ritual of Eleven Doors from scratch.

The Ritual of Eleven Doors

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